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Rent a Private Island

Have you ever fantasized about staying on your own private island? Me too! That’s why I started Rent A Private Island .com. View our complete list of private island rentals now or check out the map view!

About Rent A Private Island

This is a list of private island rentals from around the world, carefully curated into one easy location. I create the list by scouring the web for many hours searching for private islands online. I don’t actually rent any islands. I only help you find existing private island rental listings on other sites, and occasionally I hope to make an affiliate commission along the way for my efforts. Please visit our Privacy Page for more information.

Our Definition of a Private Island

Here at Rent a Private Island, we have a very specific definition of “private island”. We only list islands where you and your party will be the only guests on the island. Sure, many islands out there are privately owned, but they are hardly private because you’re sharing the island with 20 other parties or with other residences. At Rent a Private Island we go do our very best to only select listings where you have the entire private island to yourself and your party (with the occasional exception of island staff/caretakers who are there to take care of you.)

How to Use Rent a Private Island

  1. Click “Browse Islands” at the top of any page.
  2. Choose “Map” to browse listings on a map, or “Regions” to browse by region.
  3. Click a listing on any listing page to reach the info page for that island.
  4. Click the “Check prices & availability” button to book an island or to see current prices and availability.

Key to pricing levels on Rent a Private Island

I don’t manage any rental listings (they are listed with booking sites like VRBO, Trip Advisor, Airbnb etc.) so I’m not able to list current prices. But I do provide a general guide for how expensive each island is to rent, based on the rates at the time I added the island to this site.

$ Affordable ($1 to $199 per night)
$$ Moderate ($200 to $499 per night)
$$$ Expensive ($500 to $999 per night)
$$$$ Very Expensive ($1000 per night and up)

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