Can You Rent a Private Island for Your Honeymoon?

Can You Rent a Private Island for Your Honeymoon?

Are you considering renting an entire private island for your honeymoon?

That sounds so nice. The thought of renting an island in the Bahamas and having a private beach makes me want to do my honeymoon over.

In this post, we are going to show you some of the smaller private islands you can rent.

Most private islands that you can rent are better for large groups of people. Just the nature of having an entire island to yourself makes it such that private islands tend to be more expensive destinations than a single hotel room at a luxe resort, for instance.

But there are some smaller private islands that are better for groups of up to four to eight guests and could make ideal honeymoon destinations.

Private Islands in the Bahamas

Ocean Daze Estate

This private island has two homes in Central Eleuthera is a prime candidate for a honeymoon, though not the most affordable. This is because it sleeps up to 12 guests and has two different homes.

But if your budget agrees then this place looks amazing.

You have a pink sand beach, boating, bonefishing, and snorkeling, all at your finger tips.

This private island totals 3 acres.

Exclusive Oceanside Villa

This Villa on a private island (on Airbnb) looks like a prime candidate for a honeymoon destination.

It sleeps up to four guests, so this secluded island is more affordable for a small group of people, like newlyweds.

The island is called Rose Island and was recently featured on HGTV’s Building the Bahamas.

If I’m being perfectly honest, this is not the nicest house. The photos do not show the outside of the villa. This is just something I might be a little suspicious of and want to learn more about, if it was me considering staying there.

This rental does not come with a private chef if that is something you desire.

But you will definitely be able to swim in turquoise waters, boat, snorkel, and have white sand beaches to yourself.

This Airbnb is roughly $795 per night excluding the service fee. So you’re looking at $5,495 for a 6-night honeymoon (including Airbnb’s service fee).

This private island does have wifi and air conditioning in case you were wondering.

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