Private Islands for Rent in the Bahamas

Have  you always dreamed of visiting the Caribbean for amazing diving experiences, gorgeous beaches, and great seafood?

In this post we’ve compiled all of the private islands in the Bahamas you can rent.

The Bahamas have some of the most beautiful private islands you can rent.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the seclusion of your own private island? If not forever then for a few days or weeks (or months, anyone)?

You can rent an entire island in the Bahamas! Probably for less than you think, too.

The nightly cost of an entire island can be expensive, or cheap. But it doesn’t have to be.

Typically a large property is a decent amount of money, per night. But when you go with a large family group or a bunch of friends, the per person price can be quite reasonable. Also, it might be a little weird to be on a 100 acre island with only your spouse for a week. But then again, maybe that would be awesome?

With the pink sand, clear water, and amazing food, the Bahamas are always amazing to visit. Especially in the winter when its super cold everywhere else. Have you ever tried fried conch or super fresh grouper?

Or swimming with pigs?

pig swimming in the Bahamas
Pig Beach, pig swimming in the Bahamas

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Private Island in the Bahamas?

The prices range from low-thousands of dollars per night for villas on private islands to tens of thousands if you want to stay on the private islands of billionaires.

It’s surprisingly affordable and you don’t have to be a billionaire or stay on Necker Island to have an amazing island vacation.

The Cheapest Private Island You Can Rent in the Bahamas

Big Darby Island is one of the most affordable islands you can rent in the Caribbean. The per person nightly cost comes out to only ~$163!

This private island resort has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in a 6,300 sq. ft villa.

It sleeps up to 22 people (7 couples separately) and has many secluded white sand beaches.

The island has 10, 4.9 star reviews and 61 total amenities.

The first thing I read in the top review for this island is that staying on this island is not just another vacation rental. It’s the vacation of a life time! I believe it.

Check out this photo! Each person staying here could have their own private beach!

Big Darby Cay
Big Darby Cay from the air

And if you do want to swim with pigs, you are only 19.3 miles from Pig Beach!

But wait, that’s a long way in the Bahamas. I bet you could boat to Pig Beach from this island, though.

But maybe if you really want to swim with pigs then this rental is not the best choice for you.

A Private Island with your Own Boat and Private Chef

Bahamian Private Island

Another island that is available to rent in the Bahamas is this island that comes with a 34 ft boat, captains for the boat and a private chef.

Amazing, right?!

This one has 19 five star reviews. And as you would imagine the reviews really reflect the great time that people have when they stay here.

One review even mentions that the woman’s fiance proposed to her while there. How awesome is that?

Is that even a little tiny lighthouse in the photo (on the right)?

A Private Island with 3 Beaches

The next property is for smaller groups of up to 8 people. But the island isn’t small: it’s 100 acres.

If you’re sport fishing maybe this one would be good since you can dock a good size fishing boat at this property.

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