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White sand, palm trees, and clear turquoise water. You may be picturing a private island in the South Pacific. But what if you could skip the $2,000 plane ticket and rent your own private tropical island right here in the United States? In Florida, you can! If it’s a Florida Keys island rental you’re after, jump straight in to part 1 on our list. Looking for Central Florida island rentals? Then check out part 2! From a 62-acre private island in a lake near Orlando to a 10-acre tropical Florida Keys private island rental, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this list of our 8 favorite Florida private island rentals.

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Part 1: Private Island Florida Keys Rentals

1) Seabird Key: Florida Keys Private Island Resort

Florida Keys island rental, Seabird Key
Seabird Key, private island Florida Keys

So you want to rent an island in the keys? Seabird Key is an exclusive, 10-acre private island in Florida that can accommodate up to 10 guests in a 4,500 square-foot home. For more information on Seabird Key visit the Vrbo listing for this island.

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2) East Sister Rock Island: Florida Keys Island Rental

Private Island Florida Keys, East Sister Rock Island
East Sister Rock Island, private island rental in Florida, USA

East Sister Rock Island is a Florida keys private island rental located a quarter mile off the Atlantic Coast of Marathon. This island can accommodate 6 people in a beautiful 2500 square foot Bahamian-style house. East Sister Rock Island Florida is one of the most stunning Florida private island rentals available! This may be the smallest private island on our list but you can’t beat the privacy! For more information visit the Vrbo listing for this private island.

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3) Quiet Cove Key: Private Island Florida Keys

Florida Keys island rental, Quiet Cove Key
Quiet Cove Key, a private island rental in the Florida Keys

Listed as “Houseboat Docked at PRIVATE TROPICAL ISLAND with 17-ft Motorboat + Kayaks!” Quiet Cove Key, Florida is a private island in the keys off the coast of Marathon. This Florida Keys private island rental comes with a house boat to sleep on! Not only is this one of the most beautiful and natural Florida private island rentals, it is also the most affordable on our list. Find other rentals in Marathon, FL or see our entire list of private island rentals in the United States.

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Part 2: Central Florida Island Rentals

4) Crescent Island: Luxury in a Tropical Wilderness

Private islands in Florida, Crescent Island
Crescent Island, private island rental in Florida.

Listed as “Sanibel FL – PRIVATE ISLAND Featured on HGTV Island Hunters”. Crescent Island is one of the only Florida private island rentals near the famous Sanibel Island. This 4-acre forested private island can accommodate up to 10 people in a stunning 1850 square foot home. For more information about Crescent Island, Florida, visit the Vrbo listing for this private island.

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5) Cedar Key: Easy Access to a Quaint Village

Florida island rentals, Cedar Key
Cedar Key, Florida island rentals

Listed as “Bridge to Paradise Island.” This Florida island rentals near Cedar Key can accommodate 10 guests in a beautiful 2,975 square foot home. You can drive onto the island via a bridge from the mainland.  And we’re so glad to see it because it’s a beauty. Check out the Vrbo listing for this stunning Florida private island rental!

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6) Ever After Estate: Your Own Theme Park

Rent an island in Florida, Ever After Estate
Ever After Estate, private island resort Florida

Listed as “Up to 45 Guests Sleep At This Unique Private Island 62 Acre Estate!” The Ever After Estate is a 62-acre private island near Orlando, Florida and can accommodate 45 guests in 3 homes. That makes Ever After Estate the largest of the Florida private island rentals on our list! This island is like having your own private theme park. The Ever After Estate has four video game arcades,  poolside movie theater, a basketball court, soccer field, horseshoe pit, and a 14-hole mini golf course! There’s even a 2-story water slide and a ballpit room featuring 23,000 balls! For more information visit the VRBO listing for this private island.

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7) Homosassa Island Lodge: Gulf Coast Wilderness

Florida private island rentals in Homosassa
Homosassa Island Lodge

Listed as “Private Island Lodge – Anglers, Scallopers, Get-A-Ways, Golfers, Retreats.” Homosassa Island Lodge is a private island in the Homosassa River on the gulf coast of Florida . The island can accommodate up to 8 guests in a 2800 square foot lodge. There is a separate bungalow rental so you’d have to rent both to have the whole island. For more information visit the VRBO listing for this private island.

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8) Rainbow River: Camp on a River Island

Florida Private Island rentals, Rainbow River
Rainbow River home with private island

Listed as “Rainbow River Home with Private Island. Includes kayaks, pool table!” This property on Rainbow River, Florida includes a 5000 square foot home on the mainland and a private island in the river that you can camp on. The rental can accommodate up to 20 guests. For more information visit the VRBO listing for this private island.

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