12 Airbnb Private Island Rentals under $200 a night

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Airbnb Islands For Less Than 200 Dollars?

UPDATE January 2022: This post is no longer maintained and all links are disabled. To see our up-to-date list read our post Cheap Private Islands for Rent. 

You don’t have to be filthy rich to rent an island. In fact, there are dozens of Airbnb private island rentals available for under $200 a night! Here is a list of my 12 favorite cheap private island Airbnb rentals, plus a bonus list of another 27 if you want more options! Keep in mind that hosts can change their rental rates at any time, but as of writing, every single one of these islands was available for less than $200 US dollars per night (and many for under $100! ) If you’re willing to spend a little more, then be sure to browse our entire list of more than 150 Airbnb Islands. Ready to live the dream without breaking the bank? Then dive in and find the most affordable Airbnb islands in the world!

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1) Moosehead Lake, Maine – Airbnb Islands

airbnb private island in Maine
An Airbnb private island rental in Moosehead Lake, Maine

This pet-friendly cabin sits on a tiny private island in beautiful Moosehead Lake in central Maine.

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2) Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, Canada – Private Island Airbnb

Airbnb island in Nova Scotia
Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, Canada

Stay in a traditional Mongolian yurt on your own private island Airbnb along the scenic coast of Nova Scotia!

Update 2020: It appears the yurt is no longer available to rent and now the listing says “Camp out on a Private Island in Blue Rocks.” Click the link below for more info.

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3) Virginia Caye, Belize – Airbnb Private Island

Airbnb Belize island
Virginia Caye, Belize

At less than $100 per night, this is definitely the most affordable Belize island rental I’ve ever seen. While the shack may be rustic, you will have you very own Belize private island all to yourself! (Except for the resident pig named Piggy.)

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4) Estrada Island, Nicaragua – Island Airbnb

Private Island Airbnb, Nicaragua
Estrada Island, Nicaragua

While I’ve managed to find ten Nicaragua private island rentals, on Airbnb and Vrbo, Estrada Island certainly ranks as the best value at only $120 a night!

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5) Ile de Malvy, Charente River, France – Rent an Island Airbnb

Airbnb private island
Ile de Malvy, Charente River, France

Malvy Island is a 4-acre private island with an adorable cottage in the Charente River in France. No boat required, this Airbnb island is accessible by a bridge!

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6) Notholmen, Norway – Private Island Rental Airbnb

island Airbnb
Notholmen, Norway

Notholmen is a 3-acre private island on the coast of Norway. If you want even more space you can rent the private island next door called Langholmen! (view on Airbnb)

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7) Stora Hammarsjon, Sweden – Private Island on Airbnb

rent an island Airbnb
Stora Hammarsjon, Sweden

There are loads of private islands in Sweden but this half-acre gem in Stora Hammarsjön Lake is my island of choice for less than $100 per night!

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8) Herrainsaari, Finland – Rent Island Airbnb

Private Island Rental Airbnb, Finland
Herrainsaari, Finland

Herrainsaari Island may be my favorite affordable Airbnb private island rental. Last I looked, it was renting for just $107 per night! Includes a 9-acre forested island in a gorgeous lake in Finland, an adorable 2-bedroom cottage, and a sauna!

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9) Morel’s Private Island, Philippines – Airbnb Private Island Escape

Private island on Airbnb, Philippines
Morel’s Private Island, Philippines

This 9-acre private island in the Philippines can accommodate 12 guests in a main house and in a beach cottage. The crazy part is (at the time of writing) it is only $79 per night!

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10) Kunz Island, Long Lake, Michigan – Rent an Island on Airbnb

airbnb island: Kunz Island, Long Lake, Wisconsin
Kunz Island, Wisconsin

Enjoy the tranquility of Wisconsin’s North Woods on this half-acre private island in Long Lake!

UPDATE 2020: While still listed on Airbnb, it appears they have blocked the entire calendar and are now listing the price at $700! Sorry!

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11) Roberts Island, Ontario, Canada – Private Island Escape Airbnb

Roberts Island, Ontario, private island rental
Roberts Island, Ontario, Canada

This beautifully forested 2-acre island in Ontario can house up to 6 people in 2,200 square foot home! And yet it still squeaks in under the $200/night mark. Awesome!

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12) North Twin Lake, Maine – Airbnb Island

Maine private island rental
North Twin Lake, Maine

And I’ll wrap up the list the way I started; in Maine! Here’s one more cute little cabin in a lake in Maine. While the furnishings may be a bit sparse, the stunning views of Mount Katahdin more than make up for it!

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24 More Airbnb Islands Under $200

I’ve managed to find more than 35 different private island rentals on Airbnb for under 200 bucks a night. The 12 above are my favorites but if you want even more, here are some quick links to the rest! As you can see, Ontario, Canada is the world’s capital of affordable private island rentals on Airbnb!

  1. Grand Lake, Maine (view on Airbnb)
  2. Republic Island, Michigan (currently only available on Vrbo)
  3. Lake Butte des Morts, Wisconsin (view on Airbnb)
  4. Bella Island, Long Lake, Wisconsin (view on Airbnb)
  5. Ikaria Island, Nicaragua (view on Airbnb)
  6. Raasepori, Finland (view on Airbnb)
  7. Niemijarvi Lake, Finland (view on Airbnb)
  8. Kymijoki River, Finland (view on Airbnb)
  9. Anayad Island, Lumot Lake, Philippines (view on Airbnb)
  10. Sundang Island, Philippines (view on Airbnb)
  11. Calilayan Island, Philippines (view on Airbnb)
  12. Craig Island, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  13. Lake of the Woods Cabin, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  14. The Spectacles, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  15. Potato Island, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  16. Nestor Falls, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  17. Mallorytown, Ontario (view on Airbnb) 
  18. Crowe Lake, Ontario (view on Airbnb) 
  19. Haddo Island, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  20. Bobs Island, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  21. Gent Island, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  22. Lake Temagami, Ontario (view on Airbnb)
  23. Departure Lake, Ontario (view on Airbnb) 
  24. Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario (view on Airbnb) 

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