12 Incredible Belize Private Island Rentals

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Norval Caye Belize, overwater bungalows Belize

Private Island Belize

[UPDATED JULY 23, 2019] It’s hard to imagine a more perfect vacation than your own private island. Guess what? It can be a reality; on a Belize private island! White sand beaches, palm trees, clear turquoise water, a cold margarita, and nobody else in sight. If you dream of renting your own private island in Belize, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of Belize private island rentals from Airbnb and Vrbo, including some overwater bungalows, Belize island resorts with a full staff, and even a few surprisingly affordable options! Ready to feel the sun on your face and the sand in your toes? Then dive right in to our list of 10 Belize private island rentals to die for. Find your private island Belize paradise!


If you want to see the location of all the islands on a map, then check out the map view for all our Belize private island rentals! Most of these islands lie far south of Belize City, somewhere  between Placencia/ Coco Plum Island area and the Belize Barrier Reef (the world’s second longest barrier reef system!) Sure you should take a trip to see some Mayan Ruins and check out the cave tubing tours, but once you get tired of the crowds on San Pedro, you’ll be longing for an island all to yourself. Here’s where to find it:

Belize private island resorts map
Map of Belize private island rentals on Rent A Private Island.com

1) Gladden Private Island: the Most Private Island Belize Has to Offer?

Gladden Private Island Belize private island resort
Gladden Private Island, Belize

Billed as: The Most Private Island Resort in the World – You will never see another guest! Gladden Private Island, Belize is an exclusive 1-acre private island with a luxurious 3,000 square foot villa that can accommodate up to 4 people but is designed with a couple in mind. This island’s staff resides unseen on an island behind Gladden. Gladden Island lies 20 miles off the coast of Placencia Belize, just behind the barrier reef and only miles from the famous Gladden Spit where whale sharks congregate! For more information visit the Airbnb listing or the Vrbo listing for this private island..

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2) Bird Island Belize: A Private Island in Belize with its Own Coral Atoll

private island in Belize, Bird Island Atoll
Bird Island, Belize

This tiny private island in Belize accommodates up to 6 guests in a 1200 square foot lodge. Bird Island, Belize sits upon a pristine coral atoll 6 miles from the mainland. This self-catering adventure offers the ultimate in privacy and reef snorkeling at a surprisingly affordable price! For more information visit the Airbnb listing or the Vrbo listing for this private island. 

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3) Ranguana Caye: Affordable Private Island in Belize

Private Island Rental Belize
An affordable Belize island rental with a couple units: Ranguana Caye

If you’re looking for a cheap private island rental in Belize, Ranguana Caye is hard to beat. Currently listing at roughly $100 per night per cabana, it’s a pretty good value. The catch is, there are actually 3 cabanas on this island so you might not have the whole place to yourself. Unless you and your party can rent all three, which would still be a great deal! (Keep in mind, this rate doesn’t include boat transfers from the mainland which cost $75 per person each way.) All in all, this island comes in as a very affordable Belize private island resort. For more info check out the Airbnb listing or the Vrbo listing for this private island!

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4) Little Harvest Caye Belize: for the Ultimate Private Island Wedding

Little Harvest Caye Belize, rent a private island in Belize
Amazing Belize private island rental: Little Harvest Caye Belize

Little Harvest Caye is a 1.5 acre private island with five private suites to accommodate your group. It lies off the coast of Belize in the Atlantic Ocean near Placencia. A caretaker stays on the island in separate quarters and a boat with driver is provided any time you wish to go to shore. Visit the Little Harvest Caye Airbnb listing or the VRBO listing to see all the photos of this amazing property! In my opinion, Little Harvest Caye Belize would be the perfect location for a large family group or a private island wedding. We originally listed this island in our post 22 Private Island Rentals on VRBO and it has been our most-viewed island ever since. It is possibly the most famous of the Belize private island all inclusive resorts!

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5) Little Peter Oasis: Overwater Bungalows Belize Style

Little Peter Oasis, overwater bungalows belize
Little Peter Oasis

This 3 acre private island rental in Belize accommodates up to 4 guests in a 1000 square-foot guest house. Little Peter Island features overwater bungalows Belize style, in a sheltered lagoon, which is difficult to find in Belize private island resorts! For more information visit the Airbnb listing or the Vrbo listing for this private island. [Note: this island used to be called Norval Caye! ]

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6) Virgina Caye: The Cheapest Belize Private Island Rental You’ll Ever Find

Virginia Caye, private island Belize
Virginia Caye, the cheapest private island Belize has to offer!

This is without a doubt the most reasonably-priced private island Belize has to offer! Currently listing at $70 a night for the entire 4 -acre island, no other listing even comes close. The island can accommodate only 2 guests in a rustic one-bedroom hut. You will share the island with a pet pig named Piggy! The island caretakers live on a sailboat anchored off island. This island also made the list of our 12 Favorite Airbnb Island Rentals Under $200!

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7) Hideaway Caye: Romantic Island Getaway for a Couple

Belize private island rental: Hideaway Caye
Hideaway Caye, Belize

This 3 acre private island in Belize accommodates only 2 guests. Hideaway Caye is the perfect romantic couple’s getaway: the only other people staying on this private island will be the caretakers who prepare all your meals. There is also a small bar on the island where passing sailboats may anchor and stop for a drink! Your stay includes boat transfer from the mainland, all meals, and use of snorkeling gear and kayaks, which is really an amazing deal considering the less-than-$400-a-night price tag!

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8) King Lewey’s: Perfect Belize Island Resort for a Large Group

King Lewey's private island in Belize
King Lewey’s Island Resort, Belize

This island features partially overwater bungalows (a rarity in Belize private island rentals) which can accommodates up to 28 guests. Includes transfer from the airport, breakfast, a daily drink, and your own restaurant! 

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9) Kanu Island: Newest Private Island Belize

Belize private island resorts, Kanu Island
Kanu Island, Belize

This island is so new that the development isn’t actually complete yet. If you look at the photos in VRBO you’ll see that they are actually impressive 3D renderings! But the calendar appears to be open as of September 2019. This Belize private island resort was conceived by the same masterminds behind Gladden Private Island and Little Harvest Caye so you know it’s going to be at the top of the list of amazing Belize private island resorts!

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10) Lark Caye: Your Own Coral Reef & Mangrove Lagoon

Lark Caye, Belize: Private Island
Lark Caye, a reef at your front door, a mangrove lagoon at the back!

This Belize private island is a nature lover’s paradise. Located 6 miles off Placencia, Lark Caye boasts a beautiful coral reef right out your front door. Snorkeler’s rejoice! Once you’ve had your fill of colorful fish, head out the back door and jump in the kayaks. Paddle through your own private mangrove lagoons in search of beautiful water birds! Lark Caye can accommodate up to 4 guests in a 2-bedroom off-grid eco-cottage.

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11) Royal Belize: Luxurious Private Island in Belize

Belize private island rental
Royal Belize, Key Caribe’s private island in Belize

This private island features separate villas that can accommodate up to 10 people. Includes complimentary boat transfer, a full staff, and all meals, drinks and alcoholic beverages! Enjoy strolling the large 7.5 acre island, including a long boardwalk to a private gazebo in the mangroves! Royal Belize has to be one of the most scenic and beautiful private islands in Belize; you have to see the photos to believe it! Available on Airbnb and Vrbo.

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12) The Enclave: Most Convenient Belize Island Rental for a Large Group

The Enclave, Belize island rental
The Enclave, Placencia Caye, Belize island rental

Lying just off the shore of Placencia village, The Enclave is a 2-acre private island that can accommodate a group of up to 28 people! Includes 7 private waterfront bedroom units and  private chef, concierge, and daily maid service! Lying just 150 yards off the coast of mainland Placencia and snuggled up against Placencia Caye, the Enclave is certainly one of the most accessible private island rentals in Belize! For more information visit the Airbnb listing or the Vrbo listing for this private island.

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