Cheap Private Islands for Rent on Vrbo

A Cheap Private Island Rental for less than 200 dollars!?

Yep, it’s true.You don’t have to be filthy rich to rent an island. In fact, there are loads of cheap private islands for rent on Vrbo for under $200 a night! Here is a list of my 12 favorite cheap private island rental properties. Keep in mind that hosts can change their rental rates at any time, but as of writing, every single one of these islands was available for less than $200 US dollars per night (and some for under $100! ) If you’re willing to spend a little more, then be sure to browse our entire list of  Private Island Rentals. Ready to live the dream without breaking the bank? Then dive in and find some of the cheapest private islands for rent in the world!

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1) Moosehead Lake, Maine – Cheap Private Islands

cheap private islands in Maine
A cheap private island rental in Moosehead Lake, Maine

This pet-friendly cabin sits on a tiny private island in beautiful Moosehead Lake in central Maine.

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2) Republic Island, Michigan – Rent an Island In Michigan

Rent an Island
Rent an island on the beautiful Michigamme River

Republic Island is a 2-acre private island on the Michigamme River in Michigan. The island can accommodate 4 guests in a 1000 square foot log cabin.

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3) Margisle, Maine – One of the Cheapest Private Islands in Maine

cheapest private islands
Cheapest private islands in Maine

Margisle is a private island in Pemaquid Pond, Maine that can accommodate 6 guests in an 1150 square foot log cabin.  At less than $150 a night this is one of the most affordable private islands for rent. Update January 2022: Sorry, this island isn’t currently listed on Vrbo, but check back soon!

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4) Estrada Island, Nicaragua – Rent a Private Island Cheap

Rent a private island cheap
Estrada Island, Nicaragua

While I’ve managed to find several Nicaragua private island rentals, on Vrbo, Estrada Island certainly ranks as the best value at only $150 a night!

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5) Little Diamond Island, Maine – Cheap Private Island Rental

Cheap private islands to rent
This little diamond is one of my favorite cheap private islands for rent USA

This quarter-acre private island in Lake Cobbossee, Maine can accommodate 3 guests in an adorable rustic cabin. While it just barely squeaks into the list at $200 a night, it’s still an awesome deal for a cheap private island rental!

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6) French Broad River, Asheville, NC – Cheap private island rental

cheap private island rental
A sweet cheap private island rental near Asheville

Accessed by a swinging bridge, this private island accommodates up to 2 people in a small basic cabin. And it’s only a short drive to the lovely town of Asheville, North Carolina!

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7) Blackbird Island, Minnesota – Affordable Private Island Rental

Blackbird island, affordable private island rental
Affordable private island rental: Blackbird Island, MN

Black Bird Island is a private island in the northernmost tip of Minnesota right next to the Canada border. This affordable private island rental accommodates up to 8 people. 

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8) Grand Lake, Maine – Cheapest Vacation Islands in Maine

cheap private island rental in Maine

Manley Island is a 26-acre private island located on Grand Lake, Maine near the Canadian border. The island can accommodate 10 people in a 1500 square foot cabin. At only $135 a night at the time of listing, Manley Island tops the list of cheapest vacation islands in Maine!

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9) Isleta Mosqueteros, Nicaragua – Cheapest Private Islands for Rent

cheapest vacation islands

This cheap private island rental lies in Lake Nicaragua near Granada, Nicaragua and can accommodate up to 6 guests in a 2500 square foot villa. This one also made our list of 22 Private Island Rentals on Vrbo.

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10) Buckhorn Lake, Ontario, Canada – Rent a Private Island Cheap

cheap private island rental

This half-acre private island in Buckhorn Lake can accommodate up to 4 people in a 2-bedroom traditional cottage. At only $100 a night it is officially the cheapest private island rental on our list. Update January 2022: Sorry, this island isn’t currently listed on Vrbo, but check back soon!

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11) Lake of the Woods Cabin, Ontario – Private Island Escape Vrbo

cheap private islands for rent Ontario

This private island in the Lake of the Woods Ontario, Canada can accommodate 10 people in a 6-bedroom cabin. This is one of the cheap private islands for rent that made our list of Lake of the Woods Resorts!

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12) Crow Island, Maine – Cheap Private Island Rental

cheap private islands for rent
Crow Island, Maine

And I’ll wrap up the list the way I started; in Maine! This 2.5 acre private island in the Crow Islands, Maine sits in the mouth of the Black River. The 350 square foot cottage has no electricity or running water but it does have an indoor composting toilet and propane for lanterns, stove, and refrigerator. Price includes boat transfer to and from the island.
This cottage accommodates up to 3 people, 2 in the bedroom and an additional futon in the “crows nest”, a tiny room with beautiful views. UPDATE January 2022: Sadly the nightly price has risen to over $200 a night since this was first published. So it doesn’t quite make our “cheap” cut anymore!

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13) Herrainsaari Island, Finland

Herrainsaari Island is a 9-acre private island in Alvajarvi Lake in Finland. The island can accommodate 4 guests in a 2-bedroom cottage. Includes a sauna! At just over $100 a night, this adorable cottage may just be my favorite cheap private island in the world!

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